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Children’s Rights

‘Rights’ seem to be something people need to fight for when it could seem so bleedingly obvious. The right to vote is a case in point. It seems an obvious ‘right’ to have the freedom to choose one’s political representative. The right for women to vote was an even longer battle leaving a trail broken bodies and minds. NOW the next set of ‘rights’ to be gained are children’s rights! A child is a mere ‘thing’ in the hands of adults;loving or not. The manner of her/his treatment completely depends on the character and humour of the ‘owner’ whether that be ‘the State’, parents, foster parents or in some cases employers .

The fight for a child’s rights will be far more difficult than that of voters or women. Again it is a matter of power! Parents do not want to lose the right to administer punishment, apply discipline or inculcate religion; they do not want to lose THEIR power!

Children can be tossed from one parent to another, to foster parents or to another country on the whim of a parent or a court order. They may be made ‘wards of the state’ if they appear to be ‘uncontrollable’; THIS COULD MEAN JUST LEAVING AN UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT as in the case of the many sent to State homes or religious organisations in the twenties and thirties . WE MUST NOW THINK ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDREN!

Socialist Women For Justice

This ‘ginger group’ is composed of women  interested in  the political processes of government and connected by email from all over Australia. Its purpose is to send or write letters, either from the individual or the nucleus,  as a form of lobbying but always with the imprimatur of SWFJ.

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